Millennials grew up in a world where information has always been easily accessible on the internet. That doesn’t mean life was always easy, however. The 2008 recession led to an economic meltdown, and a significant number of people lost their traditional jobs. Maybe that’s why millennials are more inclined to…

Economics is a behavioral science that tries to understand how resource scarcity affects human behavior. The most widely accepted definition of economics is the study of all aspects of consumerism, from production and distribution to the consumption of goods and services.

Branches of Economics

The two major branches of economics…

Communities often struggle to solve numerous problems without seeking assistance. In most cases, the community members fail to seek help because they don’t know their local government can assist them. Moreover, they may be aware that they can get help, but they do not know which channel to use to communicate with the local government. Members of a community can seek their local government aid through their community manager. The following are examples of ways that local government can benefit society.

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There is no historical precedent for the massive economic shutdown that the novel coronavirus pandemic forced on governments around the world. “Non-essential” economic activity in the US, as well as in most other countries, remained halted while “essential” workers were allowed to continue working under strict social distancing guidelines. In a world where the vast majority of the population lives hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck, there was a heavy worldwide debate surrounding what constitutes “essential work”. The damage to the world’s economies is just beginning to be reflected by the devastating numbers coming out of various reporting firms. In this article, we’ll explore how quarantine has reshaped the economy and what changes we can expect to see moving forward.

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For some people, showing up to work every day might be enough. Dealing with coworkers is sometimes the hardest part of the day — people can be unfocused, uncooperative, unpleasant, or even downright unavailable. As an entrepreneur, your job is even harder than your employees because you not only have to manage these diverse groups of individuals but also see your vision succeed in the role of CEO and Founder. So how do entrepreneurs manage to be fully present and become successful in their roles? When you’re talking about consistent success, you need to look at the daily habits successful entrepreneurs use to keep themselves at the top of their game.

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Luis Aleman

Luis F. Aleman is the CEO of LFA Holdings Inc. He is a tech lover, a businessman, and an activist!

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